Dose of wisdom

"It is important to do what you like and like what you do. I love making cachaça."

Antônio Rodrigues

A living legend in the world of cachaça.

Mineiro, born in Salinas – MG – National Capital of Cachaça and birthplace of Seleta – Toni is a figure who exudes charisma, talent and joy wherever he goes; he is a sensible man, of great faith and owner of a giant heart, always helping those in need. Always up for a good talk, he is constantly with a smile on his face and willing to share the stories he lived, whether with family, friends or city dwellers. His intelligence and determination are impressive! Decades ago, Toni bought cachaça from other producers to age and resell. Over time, he became a profound appreciator of his business: he understands and speaks with propriety about the entire production chain, from planting to aging. A curiosity: Toni has already collected bicycles, rue plants, mules, hats; he has already given interviews to several TV shows and has also lectured in large events, schools and universities around the country.

Cachaça Antônio Rodrigues

Colonel's special reserve

Antônio Rodrigues is a unique drink, the true liquid jewel. A limited series, especially for lovers of cachaça typical of Minas. Aged in French oak, its aroma is full-bodied and the flavor unforgettable.